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In 2008, Birmingham City Council set up an initiative to increase participation in sporting activities across all of its districts in order to tackle the growing number of health issues and their implications. This initiative was the development of third sector organisations called the Community Sport and Physical Activity Network (CSPAN) that would take on the role of increasing community engagement in sport and physical activity on behalf of the Council.

After 10 years of successfully delivering sport and activity based projects in the Perry Barr and Ladywood districts, the Heart of Birmingham (HoB) CSPAN, one of only two organisations remaining, undertook a full re brand in order to propel the operation into the 21st Century. The aim of the re brand was to expand the capacity of the organisation and attract a new generation of young people to the crucial work of the third sector. Reshaping the organisation and creating a captivating brand represents a significant milestone in the organisations history and is the first step towards the transformation of the third sector as a whole.

and together we will.


An Inclusive Society

Make the City of Birmingham a more inclusive society.


Ensure young people have an abundance of opportunities to take part in.

Clubs & Activities

Increase the number of people starting up clubs and activities in the area

A Passion for Learning

Re-establish a passion for learning amongst young people.

Health & Wellbeing

Reduce the prevalence of lifestyle-related health issues amongst the community, with particular emphasis on young people.



Educate the community about the importance of diet and lifestyle on their health.

Network of Support

Provide a network of support for local organisation owners, helping them to grow their projects.

Clubs & Activities

Regularly promote local sports clubs and activities.

Project Design

Design projects based on real-world data and the opinions of the local community.

A registered charity. Delivering a range of different projects across all sectors, UCAN’s goal focuses on making life in the City more inclusive and hospitable for existing residents in parallel with establishing an attractive destination for tourists ahead of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

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