Equal Opportunities Policy

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Equality Opportunities Policy

The Organisation


  1. Introduction

The responsibility for ensuring equality and diversity among potential and actual service users, volunteers, members and workers rests ultimately with the management committee. Volunteers, workers and management committee members – are responsible for the implementation of the policy, its observance, monitoring it on a day-to-day basis and reporting on its operation to the Trustee Board.

The policy consists of the following:

Statement of intent

The Policy

2. Statement of Intent

The Organisation recognises that certain individuals and groups are discriminated against on grounds of disability, race, ethnic origin, culture, socio-economic background, gender, sexuality, religion, creed, marital status and age. The Organisation is committed to working towards eliminating all forms of discrimination both through its own work and through its employment policies and practices.

Recognising that passive policies will not achieve change, The Organisation will, through regular monitoring of policies and practice, take active steps to combat discrimination.

3. The Policy
Service Provision: Users must have easy access to information about The Organisation’s services which…

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